Four centuries ago our Halfling fore-fathers discovered a hill region on a new continent which they found exceptionally suitable for settlement. They quickly moved into those hills and made it their new home. This region was nestled away in a valley that was bordered by mountains to the east and west, an ancient forest to the north and a rocky plain that opened to the sea on the south. As time passed, we halfings flourished and did draw the attention of other races to the region. Humans came and found the rocky plain ideal for building and so there they founded the port city of Baynar. For us Halflings, the arrival of the human population was welcomed as it brought a trading partner and a common defense to our region. As both races prospered, however, the swelling of wealth, pride, and greed attracted evil beings too, to the once peaceful region.

Then came two of the most terrible events in our recent history that would cast a shadow of unshakable fear into the hearts of both port city neighbors. First was a traveler’s sighting of a great winged dragon flying over the western mountains. Whilst his report was never verified it shook the souls of all who heard it. Then came the dreadful news of the massacre of a traveling caravan in the eastern mountains. This story told by a lone survivor who shortly upon his return from the tragedy fainted to death. The poor soul died just as he finished his report of dozens of small dragons tearing the flesh off of his still living family members.

With fear in the air and the increase of our populations, tensions betwixt us and the humans increased. So a generation of young Halflings was sent away to train in the arts of magic and battle. A generation of our sons that have sacrificed themselves to discipline and the tempering of their souls, that Halflings may be able to protect their own from enemy or from friend.

A generation. . . to mark the rise of the Halflings.

The Rise of the Halflings

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